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Mite Jamboree February 3-5, 2022

Jamboree Information

NUSE Mite/8u Jamboree 2022-2023

Each team will play 3 games

Teams are split between (Beginner, Intermediate, and 8u girls)

4 on 4 with goalie using 4x3 mite nets and black pucks

Games will be half ice with divider boards on center ice red line

Each game will consist of a 3 minute warm up. Followed by 2 - 20 minute running time periods, with a 2 minute intermission between periods. 

Play is started with a face off at the beginning of each period. 

Teams will switch sides at the half.

A horn will signal a shift change at 2 minute intervals and players will play puck where it lies, or where referee determines location.

If there is a goal or the goalie freezes the puck. The offensive team
must retreat to the center line and let the defending team attempt a breakout.

Ice will be resurfaced every two hours.

Score will not be kept and normal mite/8u contact is allowed.

After each team’s last game we ask that a representative from their team does the player announcements as we hand out participation medals.

Mite Jamboree Schedule

Mite Jamboree Teams

Beginner Registered/Payment Intermediate Registered/Payment Girls 8U Registered/Payment
1. NUSE yes- pd 1. NUSE yes-pd 1. NUSE yes- pd
2. Marshall B1 yes- pd 2. Prior Lake 35 yes 2. Marshall G1 yes- pd
3. Marshall B2 yes- pd 3. Marshall A1 yes-pd 3. Albert Lea yes
4. Prior Lake 11 yes- pd 4. Alexandra White yes 4. Rogers U8 C Gophers yes
5. Prior Lake 2 Team 25 yes- pd 5. Alexandria Red yes 5. Rogers Huskies yes
6. Prior Lake 14 yes- pd 6.Prior Lake 34T yes- pd 6.
7. NUSE yes- pd 7. Albert Lea yes 7.
8. Redwood White yes 8.Alexandria Black yes 8.
9 Redwood Red yes 9. Prior Lake 32 yes 9.
10. Rogers A yes 10.
11. Rogers B Penguins yes
12. Rogers B Flyers yes
13. Mankato Black yes
14. Mankato Gray yes