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Game change

The February 16th game in Albert Lea has been changed to February 15th still in Albert Lea at 7pm.

Dave Sellner

Head Coach

Phone: 507-380-1120

Bill Helget

Assistant Coach

Phone: 507-381-1752

Bill Pelzel

Parent Rep 15U

Phone: 507-276-2892

Minor Official

For all District 6 home games we must provide 2 minor officials, timekeeper and the home team penalty box. For all District 6 away games we must provide the scorekeeper and the visiting team penalty box official.  Penalty box officials must keep track of shots on goal on their respective end of the ice and report this to the scorekeeper.

For all non District 6 home games we need to provide all 4 minor officials, we do not need to provide any minor officials for non District 6 away games.

Please find your own replacement if needed.

Date Family Family Family Family
Dec 16 Albachten Arneson N/A N/A
Dec 17 Fred Helget Howard Krzmarzick
Dec 17 Oconnor Pelzel Schieffert Sellner
Jan 4 Albachten Arneson N/A N/A
Jan 6 Fred Helget N/A N/A
Jan 7 Howard Krzmarzick N/A N/A
Jan 26 Oconnor Pelzel N/A N/A
Jan 27 Schieffert Sellner N/A N/A
Jan 28 Albachten Arneson N/A N/A
Jan 30 Fred Helget N/A N/A
Feb 2 Howard Krzmarzick N/A N/A
Feb 3 Oconnor Pelzel N/A N/A
Feb 6 Schieffert Sellner N/A N/A
Feb 10 Albachten Arneson N/A N/A
Feb 11 Fred Helget N/A N/A
Feb 16 Brudelie Howard N/A N/A
Feb 17 Krzmarzick Oconnor Pelzel Schieffert
Feb 17 Sellner Albachten Arneson Fred
Feb 18 Brudelie Helget N/A N/A
Feb 24 Fred Oconnor Pelzel Schieffert
Feb 24 Sellner Albachten Arneson Fred

Locker Room Monitor Schedule

Locker room monitors need to be in the locker room  whenever players are present. This includes all practices and games scheduled during your week. If you are unable to make it, please find a replacement.

Week Of Family
Nov. 6- Nov 12 Arneson
Nov. 13- Nov. 19 Brudelie
Nov. 20- Nov. 26 Fred
Nov. 27- Dec. 3 Helget
Dec. 4- Dec. 10 Krzmarzick
Dec. 11- Dec. 17 O'connor
Dec. 18- Dec. 24 Pelzel
Dec. 25- Dec. 31 Schieffert
Jan. 1- Jan. 7 Sellner
Jan. 8- Jan 14 Albachten
Jan. 15- Jan. 21 Arneson
Jan. 22- Jan. 28 Howard
Jan. 29- Feb. 4 Oconnor
Feb. 5- Feb. 11 Helget
Feb. 12- Feb. 18 Krzmarzick
Feb. 19- Feb. 25 Howard
Feb. 26- Mar. 4 Pelzel
Mar. 5- Mar. 11 Schieffert

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