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Gambling Corner

Gambling and NUSE Hockey

Gambling is a major funding source of New Ulm Hockey, we are a 4 star organization, this means that gambling gives back a high percentage of our profit to the association.

New Ulm Hockey is in good standing with the Minnesota Gambling Control Board.  


Rebecca Fliszar

Gambling Manager/Gambling Committee Lead

MN Gambling Control Board website

Compliance Specialist JoAnne O Brien SAINT PETER - Regional office The mailing address for the Saint Peter office is: Gambling Control Board P.O. Box 299 Saint Peter, Minnesota 56082 The location for the Saint Peter office is 920 North Swift Street. The phone number for the Saint Peter office is 507-931-5112, and the fax number is 507-931-5111.

Gambling Committee

The Gambling Committee is complied of approved individuals to review and verify the day to day and internal operations of gaming.   Committee members receive volunteer hours for their service.  If you are interested in being part of this committee, please contact the Gambling Manager.

Ryan Tanley

Gambling Employee/Gambling Committee

Phone: 507-276-1150

Amy Tanley

Gambling Volunteer/Gambling Committee Member

Mike Groebner

Accountant/Gambling Committee Member


B&L Bar

B&L Bar is a sponsor of the NU Hockey Association thru pull tab gaming.