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Hockey Pictures

Hello Hockey Families! 

As you know pictures are being taken this week. There will be retakes for individual pictures for those who are in quarantine and will miss this week. Please see the details below to know what to expect on your child’s picture night. Order forms should have come home with your player, if you need one they will be available at your picture time slot. Please see the attached photo for the package options if you need that information. 

For Squirt, 10U, Pee-Wee, 12U, & Bantams: 

Please arrive with your picture order form completed. 

Pictures will be taken ON ICE, in full uniform (no helmet for pictures), in your PURPLE jersey. You MUST wear a mask until pictures are being taken, at that time you will remove your mask. You will have practice immediately following your pictures. The schedule is as follows: 

Monday, February 22nd

South Rink

5:30 10U

5:45 12U

6:00 SQ A

6:15 SQ B

North Rink

7:00 SQ C

South Rink

7:15 PW A

7:30 PW B

North Rink 

8:00 BAN A

8:15 BAN B

Tuesday, February 23rd

New Ulm 8U 

Please arrive with your picture order form completed. 

Pictures will be on the ice in full gear- Wear your practice Jersey. Pictures will be taken during your normal practice time. You will do individual pictures first and then team pictures at the end. There will not be much of a practice this evening. 

Thursday, February 25th

Sleepy Eye Mini-Mite/Mite (8U) 

Please arrive with your picture order form completed. 

Pictures will be on the ice in full gear at 5:30 pm. There will be practice after pictures take place. 

COVID guidelines

NUSE COVID Protocols
Players may enter the rink 10 minutes prior to the game start time and are able to bring in a
small bag with them. No large hockey bags are allowed. Players should arrive as close to fully
dressed as possible.
Goalies may enter the rink 15 minutes prior to the game start time, and may bring in the same
bag/gear as with practices.
Locker Rooms. New Ulm is currently not allowing locker rooms. Sleepy Eye locker rooms are
• Only skates, helmets and gloves are allowed to be put on inside the arena.
• Goalies - Only large pads, skates, helmets and gloves are allowed to be put on inside the
• Player must enter designated bench area to complete fitment of skates, helmet, and
Mouth guards are required but need not be tethered to the helmet.
Masks. Players, coaches, officials, spectators, ect. MUST properly wear a mask at all times when
in the arena, including while on ice.
• Cloth, disposable, and gator type facemasks are all acceptable.
• A medical exemption to mask-wearing is honored with a doctor’s note required.
Spectators: For all levels of play, each active player is allowed to have 2 spectators in
• Children do not count as spectators and while they are allowed to attend, must stay
with a parent at all times. They should not be allowed to play or move freely around the
arena by themselves.
• MUST wear Facemasks at all times while in the facility.
• MUST physically distance from other non-family spectators at all times.
Roll Call. Spectators will need to check in with the Roll Call Monitor and are able to enter the
arena 10 minutes prior to the start of the game, the same as the players. Be prepared to tell
them who your player is and a contact phone number.
• All Spectators MUST exit the arena immediately following the game.
Concession stands will be open.
• Individuals must wait until they are seated to eat their purchases.
• The concession stands will not be serving pizza or food that is not pre-packaged at this

Wild Mite Experience Refund

If you purchased tickets for the Wild Mite Experience game last year, we have been notified the Wild will be refunding us for the tickets. In order to get a refund, you must mail ALL tickets to NUSE, you need to include a note indicating who to make the refund check payable to and the mailing address that the check should be sent to.  Tickets MUST be received by NUSE on or before 2-15-2021 to be eligible for a refund. There will be NO exceptions.  After 2-15-2021, checks will be cut and mailed and should be cashed as soon as possible. Please mail all tickets to: 

NUSE Hockey 

P.O. Box 271

New Ulm, MN 56073

Return to Practice/Play Update

1. Players must properly wear a mask at all times when in the arena, including while on ice.  Cloth, disposable, and gator type facemasks are all acceptable.  The CCM Game On facemask is the only approved cage mouth mask approved at this time.  A medical exemption to mask-wearing is honored with a doctor’s note required. 

2. Players must enter the arena dressed. 

       a.  Only skates, helmets,  and gloves are allowed to be put on inside the arena.

        b.  Goalies - Only large pads, skates, helmets, and gloves are allowed to be put on inside the arena.

3. No bags are allowed in the arena.

4. Players may enter the arena no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the practice start time.

5. Players must check in with NUSE Roll Call Volunteer upon entering the arena.

6. Player must enter designated bench area to complete fitment of skates, helmet, and gloves.

7. Players must stay within designated 25 player pods at all times.  The comingling of pods is not allowed.

8. Players must exit the arena immediately following practice.                                

      a. Practices held in the North arena will exit the north door to the gravel parking lot.

      b. Practices held in the South arena will exit the south door to the main parking lot.

9. Mouthguards are required but need not be tethered to the helmet for the remainder of the season.

10. No spectators are allowed for Squirt, 10U, PeeWee, 12U, and Bantam players.

        a.  Exemption for medical necessity (limited to 1 spectator and doctor’s note is required.)

11. 8u players are allowed 1 spectator to aid the player.

        a.  Social distancing and mask rules apply at all times.

Invitational Tournaments

With the exception of the district, regional, and state tournaments, the NUSE Board has made the decision to cancel all scheduled home and away tournaments for the remainder of the 2020-2021 season.  This decision has been made due to the need to make up previously scheduled games and be flexible for future games to be postponed and rescheduled.  Additionally, the logistics of safely hosting or attending tournaments make it extremely difficult to ensure the safety of our players and families

Season Extension

Our season will go on a little longer this year.  With the shutdown in play, Minnesota Hockey has extended the season until March 28th, 2021.  Our goal is to use the extended season to schedule additional practices and games for our players, even those that do not experience a deep postseason run.  

Dibs NUSE Roll Call Volunteer

A new Dibs position is being posted to assist in keeping track of players entering the building.  This volunteer will be responsible for recording player attendance as they enter the arena for practice and making sure players are properly dressed and any allowed spectators are per MN Hockey Return to Play Rules only.  Attendance will be taken via Google Forms on a provided iPad.  Volunteer must be able to operate an iPad for recording purposes.  1 person per shift, 2 shifts per night, shifts will be available for both New Ulm & Sleepy Eye Arenas.

Please take a few minutes and watch this video to hear a message from our NUSE Board President, Justin Remus. 

2020-2021 NUSE Hockey Rosters

The NUSE Board is excited to share the 2020-2021 Hockey Team Rosters. 

Information about Mandatory Parent Meetings will be sent at a later date, please be watching for these to be scheduled. 

We know that you are all excited about the start of the season but please be patient as we work through...

  • Game schedules for teams 
  • Identifying Parent Reps 
  • Posting Hotel information for Tournament
  • Building out team pages (this happens after parent reps are determined)

Please remind your player(s) that we are all NUSE Eagles, we support one another and celebrate players no matter their team. We expect code of conduct for hockey players to extend into school and other activities. 

Billet Families Needed for the 2020-2021 NU Steel Hockey Season

The New Ulm Steel Junior Hockey Team is currently still in need of billet families
for the 2020-2021 hockey season set to start on October 2nd with our first home
game against the Willmar Warhawks.

Arriving this season in late September and staying through March, the players take
an active role in many aspects of family life and are expected to respect the host
family rules as well as those of the Steel. The values and principles for success that
are essential to become a member of the Steel will be demanded at the rink, in the
home, in school and in the community.

Players make excellent role models for younger players aspiring to play at higher
levels. Players often keep in contact with their billet family long after they are done
playing for the Steel. If you ask any young player that has played away from home,
their fondest memories likely include their billet family.
The host family is compensated $300.00 per month/per player for groceries and
expenses. Host families will receive tickets for all Steel home games for their
immediate family. Players will provide their own transportation.

***Covid Response***
The Steel Organization has been proactive regarding the protection of billet families
in these unprecedented times. For the safety and peace of mind for our current and
potential billet families, we have been working with our sponsored hotel (Best
Western) on having the guys quarantine for 10-14 days while needing to show
negative COVID tests before moving into their future billet homes.

As a former player for the Waterloo Blackhawks in the USHL for the 2012-2013
season, I still talk to my billet family and see them multiple times a year. These are
relationships that last a lifetime so please contact me Zach Stepan - Head Coach at 612-518-0894 or by email at if you are interested or have any
Thank you - ZACH

Key things to Remember at the Arena

Please also look over the document below for some key things to know, remember, and be mindful of as we start the season with new rules and guidelines. It is important that we all follow these guidelines to ensure that our kids can be on the ice.

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Bantam A State Qualifying Team

Coaches Needed

NUSE Hockey is seeking coaches at all levels. 

 We especially need parent coaches at 8 & Under boys and girls. At the 8 & Under levels it is extremely important to have enough coaches, so please consider coaching.  You do not need to the be best skater or have played hockey before. Just bring a passion to develop young players and make sure they have fun! 

NUSE Hockey prefers Non Parent coaches at Squirt/10u and above levels, if you are interested as a Non Parent coach these are paid positions. Parent coaches also strongly urged to apply.

If interested in coaching please contact Coaching Coordinator Jason Rewitzer at 507-276-2568 or

 Link to Coaching Applications

Tom Macho Award Recipient: John Busch

The Tom Macho Award is awarded annually to a community member who has demonstrated dedication to the growth and support of hockey in the New Ulm/Sleepy Eye Community. 

This year, John Busch was awarded this honor on NUSE Hockey Day, January 11. 

John was involved with hockey in New Ulm starting in the late 1980's as a coach and he continued to coach for over 20 years. John coached at various levels throughout his coaching career advancing teams to District and Regional  play. Johns was known to have unconventional  coaching philosophies and his players truly loved being part of it.  It wasn't all about the wins and losses, it was about the memories that were provided to his players. In addition to coaching John was also a referee for over 20 years. He was referee for many levels of hockey including youth games, High School, Junior and College games.

NUSE Hockey Association congratulates John on his many years of dedication to the sport of hockey in this association and across Minnesota.

Congratulations and Thank you, John!

John Busch receiving the Tom Macho Award from Tom

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Chevy Drive One Event

The 15U girls show off the check they earned for NUSE Hockey at the Kohls-Weelborg, Chevy Drive One event on Saturday, December 15.



Need more Ice Time

Check out Links to Open Skate and Open Hockey. Players should check calendars often for changes.



Other Hockey Links...

Are you getting Emails from NUSE?

This time of the year the NUSE Association is sending a couple emails per week. If you are NOT receiving emails please reach out to Jen Waloch to let her know she can troubleshoot the problem. 

Jennifer Nelson

2019 Gun Raffle Calendar Winners

By the 5th of each Month, that Month's winners will be posted.


By the 5th of each month winners will be posted for that month.


By the 5th of each month winners will be posted for that month.

Coaching Opportunities

Do you like hockey?  Do you enjoy coaching?  Can you motivate, inspire and have a good time with energetic hockey kids?  Try a season of being a NUSE Hockey coach!   

If interested, please contact Mike Peterson, NUSE Hockey Operations Committee Director or  Coaching Coordinator, Jason Rewitzer 507-276-2568 or



All are welcome to come.  See calendar on website for actual meeting dates.

All association members are able to submit any topics or solutions to be considered for the agenda each month. 

This is an opportunatity for everyone to get involved.

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